Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

This is Kids4Communtiy’s upcoming events page. All of our upcoming events will be posted on here with a sign-up form. Hope you can make it to one of them!

Interfaith Community Services Dinner Serving



  • Time: 5:50pm-7:00pm
  • Date: March 2nd, 2018
  • Location: Interfaith Community Health Services

Join Kids4Community in serving dinner to homeless clients housed at Interfaith Community Health Services! During this event, volunteers will serve dinner, and be able to chat with the clients housed at Interfaith. Interfaith Community Services is located in Escondido.

Bright Futures 5k



  • Time: 7:30am-Up to 11:00pm
  • Date: March 25th, 2018
  • Location: The San Diego Embarcadero

Come participate in the first annual Bright Futures 5k! Come early to check out the booths, then run the race, and stay for the awards ceremony! All proceeds (all the money Kids4Community makes in this event) will go to help Interfaith Community Health Services house the homeless population they have housed in their facilities!

Volunteer to Help at Bright Futures 5k



Calling all high-schoolers! If you would like to earn volunteer hours while having fun don’t miss this opportunity! Kids4Community is putting together a 5k on March 25th 2018 and just like all 5ks, we need some dedicated volunteers to help us put together the event!  There are many different types of volunteer jobs which you can read about in the registration form that start and end at different times. What are you wanting for!? Volunteer at our 5k today!

Intern at Kids4Community



Volunteer at Kids4Community in helping us with the logistics! Right now, we are offering three spots, reaching out to possible sponsors, promoting our events, and coordinating with subscribers! This volunteering is only open to high-school students, but don’t worry because time flies and more jobs will continue to be posted.

San Diego Bright Futures 5k. The first 5k ever organized by kids.