Bright Futures 5k

On March 25th of 2018 over 500 people gathered together to volunteer, organize, and compete in the first-ever Bright Futures 5k!

All proceeds from this event were donated to Interfaith Community Health Services to help them with their Housing 1000 Program which is helping 1000 people get off the streets of San Diego and into homes/apartments.

At the end of the event, participants raised a whopping $10,000 which was all donated to Interfaith Community Services in the form of an extensive check the same day!

Over 300 people ran the actual 5k course while around 200 volunteers and bystanders help run the backend of the event. It was a great way to start the new week. (Sunday is technically the first day of the week) Thank you to everyone who came to this event, your support helped.

If you would like to volunteer for more of our events, please go to our upcoming events page which is regularly updated with new events! Hope to see you soon:)