Kids4Community Kid Arden Pala Publishes Book, Helps School Raise Money

One of Kids4Community’s own alumni is now a published author and the best part is, proceeds from the sale of his book go to a good cause.

Arden Pala, 8, invites you to read about the adventures of Noah and his magical flying car. In this adventure, Noah goes to China and learns about the country with the help of an airborne automobile and a new friend Junjie. And Arden wants you to go along for the ride.

Sponsored by Kids4Community, 100% of all proceeds from sales of the book will be donated to the scholarship fund of Francis Parker School, which Arden attends.

8 Year Old Author Arden Pala Showing His New Book “Adventures of Noah’s Flying Car: Through China”

A pianist who loves to write, act, travel, and study martial arts, Arden is keen to see flying cars become a reality and even wants to invent them himself someday. Something he loves even more than inventing, though, is helping people, particularly his fellow school mates.

That’s why Arden has decided to donate all the money “The Adventures of Noah’s Flying Car Through China” raises to Francis Parker School to use for scholarships. These scholarships help students further their education and open the doors of opportunity for them. Arden’s whole family is passionate about volunteering and giving back to their community and since Arden has a talent for writing, he decided it would be a good way to raise money for his school.

He was inspired to write about China after his family visited the country. Of the many places Arden has been with his family, China is among his favorites. The book is educational and fun to read and Arden hopes to make a series of books about Noah’s flying car visiting countries all over the world.

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