Tips To Encourage Kids To Help The Community

kids help the community

Every parent’s responsibility is to nurture their children with moral values. However, not all parents may have the same approach on how to positively rear their children. As a result, we often see children grow up on their own in such a way that they lack certain positive attributes that could help them face the real world when they grow up. This is why a lot of kids miss out on opportunities to help the community.

The good news is that some parents encourage community involvement to help their kids have a head start, by letting them see the world in a way beyond cartoons and mobile games. Letting them see the world in a real perspective opens new doors of opportunities for children to gain a sense of responsibility.

How Children Can Help the Community

It is not easy for children to stop from their usual activities and change their perspective of the world. In fact, some children may find it uninteresting to do things that they are not accustomed to.

However, parents should expose their children to the realities of life. There’s a need to create opportunities for kids to help the community, by being more encouraging.

Here are ways to how to get things started:

Tell them about the harsh realities of the world

Parents should let their children realize how lucky they are to be living a comfortable life. Young as they are, most kids may just have the faintest idea of how others are not as fortunate as they are. Therefore, parents should discuss with their children why there are people who live in the streets and are out of jobs.

Any good deed, no matter how small, is just as great. When your child sees a homeless child on the street, what should you tell him/her? Let your kids understand the situation of the homeless child and provide insights on how they can make a difference by extending any help they can provide, such as giving extra food or old clothes.

Lead by example

Children follow whatever they see from adults, If they see their parents in front of the television most of the time, it may be improbably for children to have the passion to help the community.

Let the older influence the younger

If you have an older child who has been spending time in helping the community, let your younger child join him in community services.

Organize a group activity

You can ask your child’s friends to join in the fun of helping others. This can make your child feel more encouraged to go out of the house and do charitable work.

Don’t push them too hard

A reluctant child may not feel good during the first few times of doing community service. You may give him/her some time out. And then talk to your child again about the importance of doing his share in helping the homeless.

Use your child’s creativity

Let your children create ways of how they can help the community. This may come in the form of special projects such as a weekend garage sale wherein the proceeds will be used to buy food and other necessities for a community shelter.

Give them home responsibilities

Being responsible starts at home. Even as small children, parents should teach their children to do small things in the house. It is easier for children to realize the need of helping others when they are brought up this way.

Why Not Direct Them To Kids4Community?

Kids4Community was founded by Kenan Pala, a young community organizer, with the help of his friends and family. His primary goal was to encourage young children to get involved with their communities. In doing this, it became his way of letting children from well-to-do families share their time and blessings to the less fortunate children. The goal is to bring hope to those who may have been discouraged after going through some unhappy incidents in their lives.

Kids4Community offers several programs, which include:

  • Organizing food drives for Thanksgiving and Christmas.
  • Collecting donations such as the basic necessities throughout the year
  • Collecting donations for hygiene kits which are held every couple of months
  • Providing dinner for the homeless community

Conventional organizations are mostly participated by adults. But Kids4Community has encouraged children to take part in doing community services for the needy.

Being an instrument of hope to the needy is not difficult when you know that even the smallest help can make a difference. Therefore, encourage your children, no matter how young they are, to have a heart in providing help to people who need them the most.