Nonprofit Spotlight: Motiv San Diego

nonprofit spotlight motiv san diego

Students of this generation will be the leaders and world shakers of tomorrow, don’t you agree? That’s why we at Kids4Community reach out to our fellow students, because we believe that age is just a number. That’s why we’re happy to partner with Motiv San Diego, a nonprofit organization that activates high school students to volunteer work.

What is Motiv San Diego?

Motiv aims to open opportunities for high school students to extend service to the community. The nonprofit recognizes the fact that a lot of teenagers want to help out as much as they can. What the group does is to connect these students to volunteer work that they will not only flourish in but also enjoy.

Its guiding principle of “Working to Repair the World” thrusts Motiv into a unique advantage to help the San Diego community. Teen volunteers may choose which service projects they wish to help out in, and they can see their progress through the website’s Service Dashboard.

Motiv believes in the following core values:

  • Don’t stand idly by
  • Serve others
  • Act with interntionality
  • Perform acts of loving kindness

As of this writing, Motiv San Diego already has 1,250 teen volunteers from 74 participating schools, and is connected to more than 60 opportunities per month.

Interview with Motiv San Diego

We chatted with Motiv San Diego Manager Garrett Hein to talk about their organization, their future plans, and their drive to make a difference in the lives of the young generation.

Why have you chosen to activate and help high school students?

We believe that teens offer unique perspectives on how to solve issues that negatively affect our society, but there are too many barriers preventing them from creating these tangible changes. Motiv exists to eliminate these barriers and foster teens’ abilities to help positively impact our local communities through volunteer service.

What are some of the biggest and most memorable activities or campaigns that you have done in the past?

Our Teen Service Fellowship is incredible because we hire around 15 teens that have shown an interest in leadership and volunteer service to be trained as volunteer leaders. We then place them at nonprofits around the county to recruit for, manage, and develop volunteer service projects. This fellowship is opening up doors not only for there to be more teen-friendly volunteer service projects, but it places teens in the leadership spotlight of these nonprofits.

How is it working with the San Diego community?

I love working with the San Diego community because of how diverse our population is and how committed people are to helping make this city as amazing as it is.

Can you share with us your plans for the next few years?

Motiv plans to keep supporting teen volunteerism in San Diego and would love to eventually begin popping up in other major cities around the country.

How can high school students extend help through Motiv?

Any teens aged 14-18 can make a free profile on our website that gets them access to easily sign up for volunteer service projects, log their hours, and begin crafting their volunteer story via their dashboard that breaks down their impact. They will then be in our network to hear about events such as our Motiv8 Teen Service Summit, Good Deeds Day, and our Teen Volunteer Appreciation. They will also be the first to hear about internship and fellowship opportunities with motiv.

We’re Excited To Work With Motiv!

We believe that Motiv is doing an awesome job in tapping the potential of students to not only help people in need, but also bring out their leadership skills and character. Watch out for our upcoming activities with Motiv San Diego!