Amazing Benefits of Doing a Triathlon

About two weeks ago, we announced the launch of the Kids Tri Hard Shop, where you can buy triathlon gear, athlete-ready products, and other lifestyle accessories. And if you’ve been following us here at Kids4Community, you probably noticed that we reference the sport of triathlon a number of times.

In this article, I will share with you some important things about triathlon, starting with what it is. I’ll also discuss some of the reasons why you should start doing a triathlon, even if you’re still a teen like me.

What is a Triathlon?

As its name implies, triathlon is basically a race composed of three stages: swimming, biking, and running. Triathlon events differ mainly on the course lengths, which may range from a sprint to an ultra triathlon.

This particular sport was included for the first time in the Olympics during the 2000 Sydney Games. Arguably the most popular triathlon event in the world is the Ironman World Championship, which is annually celebrated by triathletes and fans all over the world.

Benefits of Doing a Triathlon

I’ve been engaging in triathlon for quite a while now, and I can personally vouch for many of the benefits that I’m sharing with you here:

Better Physical Health

Triathlon is an amazing physical activity that combines cardio buildup, muscle mass increase, and stamina boost. Engaging in triathlons brings down blood pressure, lowers the risk of osteoporosis, and prevents cardiovascular issues and even certain cancers.

Also, triathlon uses different muscles for the different stages. This makes the triathlon a complete workout for your entire body (and not just part of it). This helps to keep you strong, not just in one area but your entire physical being.

Improved Mental Health

The distance for a triathlon is longer than most races, and requires more athletic skills than most sports. In order to complete one of these races, you need to have not only a strong physical side, but also a tough mental side to convince yourself that you can do it.

Although the races are really long in triathlons, a strong mental state helps you go through the hard stages of the race.

Weight Loss

If you’re having problems with weight management, the rigorous demand for triathlons will burn off your body fat faster than other conventional exercise routines. And because triathlons are much more fun than running the treadmill or following a strict diet, the results are more long-lasting.

Note, however, that you should not do a full triathlon immediately for the sake of losing weight. Make sure that you undergo training and the necessary endurance buildup before signing up for your first triathlon event.

Less risk of injuries

Unlike conventional workouts that tend to focus on specific body parts, the holistic approach of a triathlon distributes the workload to more body parts. As a result, your body will have less likelihood to experience local injury or pain. Compare that to an hour of biking alone, which will drive the pain solely on your legs.

triathlon biking

Improved motivation to exercise

Nothing is boring when it comes to a triathlon, especially because you have to prepare for three different sports in a single race! As a result, your preparation workout won’t be routinary. If today you plan to develop your swimming, you can do running tomorrow, and then biking the day after that.

Develop multidisciplinary skills

Who says you can only become good in one sport? Triathlons allow you to become the best in all three events – swimming, biking, and running! If you think you’re lagging behind in one of these stages, you can develop that particular skill further so that your entire triathlon is optimized.

Best of all, it gives you the opportunity to develop your character. In spite of the physical challenges brought about by the three stages, pushing through and finishing the triathlon gives you a sense of accomplishment through sheer determination and dedication.

Inspire others

The toughness of doing a triathlon is no joke, and so when people see that you can do it, they might be prompted to convince themselves that they can accomplish it as well. As you put your effort and boldness to finish a triathlon, this will create a naturally inspiring story for people to lead them towards aiming for better health and achieving the (seemingly) impossible.

kenan pala triathlon
Triathlon knows no age! (Photo source)

C’mon, Let’s Do A Triathlon Now!

I hope I got you excited to start doing triathlon – or at least, to think about it! Before this month ends, I’ll be sharing with you some tips on how to prepare for a triathlon, from the appropriate training and the right gear to the actual sport itself.

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