Humanitarian Award Recipient Hannah Taylor Started The Ladybug Foundation at Age 8

hannah taylor founder the ladybug foundation

Age is not a limitation to help others. It’s particularly true here at Kids4Community, since a lot of our volunteers are kids and teenagers. That’s why when we recently learned that The Ladybug Foundation founder Hannah Taylor will be one of the recipients of this year’s Six Core Principles Awards from the Muhammad Ali Center, we knew we had to share this update with you.

Starting Young in Helping Others

young hannah taylor for ladybug foundation
Hannah Taylor started The Ladybug Foundation when she was age 8! (Photo from The Ladybug Foundation)

Homeless people are close to our hearts here at Kids4Community, and this same passion is what drove Hannah Taylor to start a charitable organization that aims to help people who don’t have homes to live in. If you think that this kind of act is common, wait until you learn about one surprising fact: Hannah started her charity group when she was eight years old!

After having Christmas manicures when she was age 5, Hannah witnessed two homeless individuals on two separate days. This scenario gripped her heart, leading her to do something about it, with the encouragement of her mother. To start action, she approached her Grade 1 teacher Cori Hildebrand to open up about her burden to help the homeless – and this small act grew into The Ladybug Foundation.

About The Ladybug Foundation

ladybug foundation logo

Out of Hannah’s passion and vision came The Ladybug Foundation, a charitable organization based in Canada that aims to raise awareness about the state of homelessness in the world, and make a difference in the lives of people who don’t have permanent homes.

The Ladybug Foundation directs its plans and programs towards the following actions:

Advocate: Hannah has conducted several speaking engagements to make more people aware of the homeless situation in Canada, as well as to elicit support from people.

Educate: In its objective to spread the word about homelessness, the group birthed another charitable organization called The Ladybug Foundation Educational Program, Inc. This new group aims to develop educational modules for teachers.

Fundraise: The Ladybug Foundation’s humble beginnings involved raising funds, and this same spirit continues to fuel the organization. Its highly successful campaign to sell red ladybug fleece scarves has poured in funds for the organization’s programs.

Donate: According to its website, the foundation has raised over $3 million for development projects and people assistance. It continues to accept donations from individuals, educational institutions, private businesses, and other organizations.

Hope: The organization’s goal stems from Hannah’s personal passion – for everyone to have shelter, food, and love. This hope serves as the lifeblood of the organization, to continue helping the homeless.

The organization started in May 2004, after Hannah’s small initiatives grew to bigger proportions, particularly in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The ladybug reference was based on the belief that ladybugs bring good luck, which Hannah would like the homeless to enjoy as well.

To date, the organization has helped more than 65 service-oriented establishments such as emergency shelters, soup kitchens, and food banks. The Ladybug Foundation has provided both cash and in-kind contributions to several of these organizations.

What is the Muhammad Ali Humanitarian Award?

muhammad ali humanitarian awards

Every year, the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville, KY honors and recognizes individuals for the great things that they do in the world. The awards ceremony also serves as a fundraising gala.

The award recipients represent greatness in their respective fields. Past recipients of the Muhammad Ali Humanitarian Awards include Christina Aguilera, Harry Belafonte, Jim Brown, Jon Secada, Matt Lauer, Michael Bolton, and Susan Sarandon.

In addition, the Muhammad Ali Center also recognizes individuals who perfectly represent each of the legendary boxer’s six core principles: Confidence, Conviction, Dedication, Giving, Respect, and Spirituality. Awardees are 30 years old or younger, and have become influencers who bring positive change to the world.

For her part, Hannah Taylor will receive the Spirituality Award during the Muhammad Ali Humanitarian Awards on September 23, 2017 at the Marriott Louisville Downtown in Kentucky.

Congratulations, Hannah!

From everyone here at Kids4Community, we would like to congratulate you for the humanitarian award, Hannah! We hope you’ll continue to have the same passion as you did when you started your foundation.

(Featured image courtesy of The Ladybug Foundation)